Changes Expected in Australian Migration in 2019

There has been lot of talks in Australian politics regarding change in migration policy. We anticipate that these changes will be announced around January or February 2019 and will be implemented in July 2019.

We anticipate the following changes to happen in 2019:

  1. The yearly intake of migrants will be significantly reduced. Current cap for Australian takes 190,000 migrants per year. 
  2. The population of Australia has reached 25 million on 6 August 2018 which is much earlier than the government expectation as per the previous data. People in Melbourne and Sydney blames government for expensive housing, traffic problems and stress on other government sectors like health and social security system. That is why it is expected that government will come up with a policy where new migrants may have to live in regional areas up to five years before they can become Permanent Residents.
  3. Compliance with the visa conditions is another major issue on agenda, it is expected that in future there will be strict penalties for non-compliance of visa conditions especially sub class 489 Skilled Regional Sponsored and subclass 190  Skilled Nominated in the near future.
  4. Australia is one of the most liveable country in the world and Australian migration is a privilege Another major change which is expected in Australian migration is, “The fittest will survive”, which means more contribution to the Australian economy by the new migrants. The new migrants will be expected to contribute positively to Australian economy and society in order to achieve the Permanent Residency in the near future.